1. It is necessary to stop the air 

conditioner and disconnect the 
power supply before cleaning.

2. Use a dry cloth to wipe the indoor 

unit and remote controller.

3. A cloth dampened with cold water 

may be used on the indoor unit if it 
is very dirty.

4. The front panel of the indoor unit can 

be removed and cleaned with water. 
Then wipe it with a dry cloth.

5. Do not use a chemically treated cloth 

or duster to clean the unit.

6. Do not use benzine, thinner, 

polishing powder, or similar solvents 
for cleaning. These may cause the 
plastic surface to crack or deform.

A clogged air filter reduces the cooling 
efficiency of this unit. Please clean the 
filter once every 2 weeks.
1. Lift the indoor unit panel up to an 

angle until it stops with a clicking 

2. Grab the handle of the air filter and 

lift it up slightly to take it out from the 
filter holder, then pull it downwards.

3. Remove the air filter (Fresh air filter if 

so equipped + support frame) from 
the unit.


Cleaning the air filter

Cleaning the indoor unit and 
remote controller.

air filter

air filter