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Welcome to the world of 
simple handling and no worries

Environmental advices


Thank you for choosing Frigidaire. This manual contains all of the information 
required to guarantee your safety and the appropriate use of your air 
Please read all of the instructions before using the air conditioner and keep 
this manual for future reference. 
We know you will enjoy your new air conditioner and thank you for choosing 
our product. 
We hope you will consider us for future purchases.

The packaging material used is recyclable. We 
recommend that you separate plastic, paper and 
cardboard and give them to recycling companies.
do NOT throw it away with the rest of your 
domestic If you need to dispose of this appliance 
in the future, garbage.

The air conditioner that you have bought may be slightly different from 
the one illustrated in this manual. Please refer to the information related 
to the model you have. 
This air conditioner is for domestic use only. It is not recommended for 
heavy commercial or industrial use.