Printing and Copying Problems

Problems and Solutions
Print a Network Status Sheet
1. Press 
 if necessary and select 
2. Press l or r and select 
Network Settings
3. Press l or r and select 
Confirm Network Settings
4. Press x to print the status sheet.
Printing and Copying Problems
Make sure the size of paper you loaded matches the paper size and source 
selected on the control panel or in your printer software.
Letter-size paper is automatically selected for copying. If your legal-size 
document is cropped, press x, select 
Paper and Copy Settings
, select 
 then select 
To select two-sided printing in Mac OS X, choose 
Output Settings 
from the 
pop-up menu. Do not select 
 from the pop-up menu.
Position your original against the back left corner of the scanner glass. If the 
edges are cropped, move your original away from the edges slightly. Place the 
document flat against the scanner glass.
Printing stops when an ink cartridge is expended. If a color cartridge is 
expended, you may be able to continue printing temporarily with black ink; 
see the online User’s Guide for more information. If the black cartridge is 
expended, you must replace it to continue printing.