Scanning a Document or Photo

Scanning a Document or Photo
Scanning a Document or Photo
You can use your product to scan original documents and photos and save them 
on your computer.
Quick Scanning With the Control Panel
Use the control panel to quickly scan a photo or document and save it on your 
computer. You can even scan a photo and have it automatically included in an 
email message.
For Mac OS X 10.6, see “Scanning With Mac OS X 10.6” on page 28.
1. Place your original document or photo as shown on page 11. 
2. Press 
 if necessary and select 
3. Press l or r to select one of the following options:
■ Scan to Memory Card
 automatically creates a JPG image or PDF and 
saves it to an inserted memory card
■ Scan to PC
 automatically creates a JPG image and saves it to your 
computer; ideal for scanning photos
■ Scan to PC (PDF)
 automatically creates a PDF file and saves it to your 
computer; ideal for scanning documents
■ Scan to PC (Email)
 automatically scans a photo, resizes it, launches your 
email application, and attaches a JPG image to a new outgoing message
4. If you’re scanning to a memory card, select your scan settings then press x to 
begin scanning.
If you’re scanning to your computer, select 
USB Connection
 if your product 
is connected by a USB cable, or select the name of your computer if your 
product is connected over a network. Press 
 to begin scanning.
Once your image is scanned, you see its icon in Windows Explorer or 
Macintosh Finder, or as an attachment in your email application.