Epson Stylus C44 User Guide

Printing on Envelopes

Load the following media types one sheet at a time: Photo Quality Self Adhesive 
Sheets, Photo Stickers, and Panoramic Photo Paper.
If you’re using special media, follow the instructions that came with the media.
Printing on Envelopes
You can load up to 10 envelopes at a time. Follow these steps to print on No. 10 size 
1. Load the envelopes short edge first against the right edge of the sheet feeder, 
behind the tab. The printable side should be up, and the flap side should be down 
and on the left. 
2. Press in the locking tab on the left edge guide and slide it against the envelopes.
3. In your application software, set a left margin of approximately 3 inches. Set a top 
margin of approximately 2 inches. Then type the address.
4. Open your printer software and make the following settings:
For paper Type (Windows) or Media Type (Macintosh), select 
Plain Paper
For Orientation, select a 
For Paper Size, select the 
Envelope #10
5. Do one of the following to preview of your envelope layout:
Windows: Click the 
Print Preview
 box, then click 
. Click 
 in the Print 
Load the printable 
side up and the flap 
side down