Epson Stylus C44 User Guide

Reinstalling Printer Software

The margins are incorrect.
Make sure the paper settings are correct for your paper size. For instructions, see 
Printing in Windows, Printing With Macintosh OS X, or Printing With 
Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.x.
Use the 
Print Preview
 option in your printer software to check your margins 
before you print.
Make sure your paper is positioned next to the right side of the feeder.
You see incorrect characters.
Make sure the USB cable is securely connected and meets the requirements in 
System Requirements. Then try printing again.
Make sure your printer is selected in your software, or is set as the active printer in 
the Macintosh Chooser (OS 8.6 to 9.x) or Print Center (OS X). 
If you’re using a switch box or USB hub with your printer, connect the printer 
directly to your computer.
Reinstalling Printer Software
Macintosh OS X
Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.x
You can reinstall your printer software over your currently installed printer software. 
Make sure the printer is connected to your computer, then follow these steps:
1. Turn the printer on. Then insert the EPSON CD-ROM in your drive. If you see 
the Options Menu, go to step 3.
If you don’t see the Options Menu, continue with step 2.
2. Windows XP: Click 
 then click 
My Computer
. Double-click 
You see the Options Menu.