Epson Stylus C44 User Guide

Printer Problems

Printer Problems
Only the green 
power light is on, but nothing prints.
Make sure the USB cable is connected securely and that the cable meets the 
requirements listed in System Requirements.
Run a printer check as described in Running a Printer Check. If the check page 
prints, make sure your software is installed correctly. 
The printer sounds as though it is printing, but nothing prints.
Make sure the print head nozzles are not clogged. To clean the print head, see 
Cleaning the Print Head.
The printer won’t operate properly if it’s tilted or at an angle. Place it on a flat, 
stable surface that extends beyond the printer base in all directions.
Your printer makes noise when you turn it on or after it has been sitting for 
Your printer is performing routine maintenance.
Printing is too slow.
Make sure your system meets the requirements listed in System Requirements. If 
you’re printing a high-resolution image, you need more than the minimum 
requirements listed. You may also need to:
Clear space on your hard drive or run a defragmentation utility.
Close programs that you’re not using.
Increase your system’s memory.
For the fastest printing, try these tips:
Choose black ink in your printer software if your document doesn’t include color.
For Windows, choose 
 for Quality Type.
For Macintosh, set the Quality/Speed slider to 
If your printer is connected to a hub, disconnect unused USB devices.