Epson Stylus C44 User Guide

Aligning the Print Head

5. Insert the new cartridge and press down firmly on the clamp. Make sure the 
clamp is closed completely.
6. Press the 
maintenance button.
If the other cartridge needs to be replaced, the print head moves into loading 
position. Repeat step 3 through step 6.
Caution: Don’t move the print head by hand; you could damage the printer. 
Always use the 
maintenance button.
7. Wait until ink charging is finished. (The green 
power light stops flashing and 
the red 
error light goes out.) Ink charging takes about 30 seconds.
8. Close the printer cover.
Now you’re ready to print again. 
If the red 
error light remains on and the printer continues to make noise for 
more than five minutes, open the printer cover and press the 
power button to turn 
the printer off. Then make sure that the ink cartridge clamps are completely closed. 
Close the printer cover and press the 
maintenance button to finish ink charging. 
If that doesn’t work, contact EPSON as described in Where To Get Help.
Aligning the Print Head
If your printouts contain misaligned vertical lines, you may need to align the print 
head. Your printer must be connected directly to your computer (not over a network) 
to use the Print Head Alignment utility.