Epson Stylus C44 User Guide

Selecting the Settings You Use Most Often

After a moment, this window appears and shows the progress of your print job. You 
can use the buttons to cancel, pause, or restart printing. You can also see how much 
ink you have left. 
Caution: When you’re finished using your printer, make sure you press the 
power button to turn it off. Never use a power strip or external switch to turn 
off the printer.
Selecting the Settings You Use Most Often
Your printer settings apply only to the program you’re currently using. If you usually 
print one type of document in different programs—for example, color photos on 
letter-size paper—you can change the default printer settings for all your programs. 
1. Right-click the 
 printer icon on your taskbar (in the lower right corner of your 
2. Select 
Printer Settings
. You see your printer settings window, as shown in 
Printing from a Software Program.
3. Select the default settings you want to use for all your applications. Click 
when you’re finished.
Remember that you can always change the settings in your program when you want to 
print different types of documents.
Click to cancel printing
Click to pause or 
resume printing