Moving the Printer on the Stand

Maintaining and Transporting the Printer
The first time you start printing after moving the printer, the print head 
nozzles may be clogged. You may need to run a cleaning cycle (see 
page 3-2) and realign the print head (see page 3-3) to ensure good print 
If you reinstall the cartridges you removed before transporting the 
printer, make sure the printer is turned off when you install them. 
Otherwise, the printer will not be able to determine the correct level of 
remaining ink and the 
Ink Out
 lights may not flash to warn you when a 
cartridge is almost empty. 
Moving the Printer on the Stand
When you need to move the printer a short distance, such as within the same 
building or facility, you can roll the printer on its casters. Follow these steps:
1. Make sure that the power cord, interface cable, roll paper spindles and 
sheet media are removed, and the roll paper cover and lower cover are 
2. Release the front casters and retract the stabilizer knobs.
3. Carefully roll the printer to its new location. Relock the casters and 
extend the stabilizer knobs after moving.
The first time you start printing after moving the printer, the print head 
nozzles may be clogged. You may need to run a cleaning cycle (see page 3-2) 
and realign the print head (see page 3-3) to ensure print quality.
Do not roll the printer 
on angled or uneven