Setting Up the Printer After Transporting It

Maintaining and Transporting the Printer
7. While holding the printer unit, remove the screws from the left and 
right sides. Keep the screws in a safe place.
8. Have four people lift the printer unit off of the leg assembly, using the 
hand grips. Lift the back of the printer first, tilt it slightly to the front, 
then slide it back to remove it.
9. Keep the printer level while you move it. 
Setting Up the Printer After Transporting It
Setting up the printer after transporting it is almost identical to setting it up 
for the first time. Whenever you set up the printer, see the Assembly and 
Setup Instructions, and note the following points:
Don’t forget to open the side ink valve locks. The printer can’t print 
while they are closed.
Don’t forget to remove any protective material (such as tape from the 
ink cartridge clamps).
The printer unit weighs 
approximately 212 lb 
(96 kg). Always have four 
people lift it, using the hand 
grip areas as shown.