Using This Printer Guide

Using This Printer Guide
This guide contains the following information:
Chapter 1 gives instructions for loading roll paper and cut sheets, printing 
on various media, and using the paper hammock.
Chapter 2 explains how to monitor the printer’s status, respond to error 
messages on the control panel, and configure printer settings.
Chapter 3 gives instructions for cleaning and aligning the print head, 
replacing ink cartridges and the cutter blade, and cleaning and transporting 
the printer.
Chapter 4 provides troubleshooting tips and solutions for problems 
involving print quality, printer operation, and paper handling.
Chapter 5 provides the technical details on your printer, paper requirements, 
and ink cartridges.
Appendix A gives instructions for installing an optional Ethernet interface 
Appendix B covers the installation and use of EPSON printer drivers and 
utilities for Macintosh computers.
Appendix C covers the installation and use of EPSON printer drivers and 
utilities for Windows computers.
An Index is included at the end of the book.