Setting Up Printer Sharing

Using EPSON Drivers and Utilities for Macintosh
3. Click one of the buttons to turn background printing on or off.
4. Close the Chooser.
Setting Up Printer Sharing
If you want to share the EPSON Stylus Pro 9500, you first need to set it up 
as a shared printer on the Macintosh to which it is connected. Then, you 
must specify the network path to the printer from each Macintosh that will 
use it, and install the printer software on those Macintosh systems.
Follow these steps to share a printer connected directly to a Macintosh with 
other systems on an AppleTalk network.
1. Turn on the printer.
2. Open the Chooser and click the printer’s icon. Then select the port to 
which the printer is connected.