Connecting to the Printer s Parallel USB Interface

Using EPSON Drivers and Utilities for Macintosh
Connecting to the Printer’s Parallel/USB Interface
To connect to the printer’s built-in parallel port, you’ll need a conversion 
cable, such as the EPSON USB adapter (C-USB-PK4). Make sure the 
printer’s parallel interface is set to compatible (the default setting), as 
described on page 2-10.
1. Plug the parallel connector securely into the printer’s interface. Then 
squeeze the wire clips together until they lock into place on both sides.
2. Plug the other end of the cable into a USB port on your Macintosh. 
You must install the printer software before using the printer.
See page B-4 
for instructions.
Connecting to the Printer’s Built-in Serial Interface
Follow these steps to use the printer’s built-in serial interface:
1. For a serial connection, make sure you have an ImageWriter II cable 
(preferably Belkin brand). 
2. Make sure both your printer and Macintosh are turned off.
Use only an ImageWriter 
II cable to connect the 
printer to your Macintosh 
through the serial 
interface. Do not use a