Epson Stylus NX410 Quick Guide

Restoring and Correcting Photos

Restoring and Correcting Photos
You see the Epson Scan window:
4. Select 
Full Auto Mode
 as the Mode setting 
in the upper right corner. (If you are in 
Home, Office, or Professional Mode, you see 
a different Epson Scan window.)
5. If you want to restore faded color in a photo 
or make other corrections, click 
Then follow the instructions in the next 
6. Click the 
 button. The image is scanned 
and you see its icon in Windows Explorer or 
Macintosh Finder.
Restoring and Correcting Photos
You can automatically transform a faded, dusty, or badly exposed color photo into 
one with true-to-life color and sharpness as you scan. Use the 
Color Restoration
Dust Removal 
options in Epson Scan’s Full Auto Mode. In Home and 
Professional Mode, you can also select 
Backlight Correction 
to remove shadows 
from images with too much background light.
For more information, see the on-screen Epson Information Center. You can also click 
Help on the Epson Scan screen for information about all the available settings.
Full Auto Mode
Click the Customize button, 
click Dust Removal and/or 
Color Restoration, click 
OK, and click Scan.
Automatically orients 
your photos based 
on detected faces 
and other features. If 
your photo is not 
oriented correctly, 
turn off Auto Photo 
Orientation and try