Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Changing the printer driver settings

Using the Printer Software
3. To view a menu, click the corresponding tab at the top of the 
window. See “Changing the printer driver settings” below to 
change the settings.
To access the printer driver from the Start menu, click Start - Settigs - 
Printers to oprn the Printer Window. Right-click the Printer icon and 
click Document Defaults.
Changing the printer driver settings
Your printer driver has two menus from which you can change 
the printer driver settings; Page Setup and Advanced. You can 
also change settings on the Utility menu in the printer driver. For 
an overview of the available settings, see “Printer Driver Settings 
Overview” on page 3-11. You can also view online help by 
right-clicking items in the driver and selecting What’s this?.
When you finish making your printer driver settings, click OK to 
apply the settings, or click Cancel to cancel your changes.