Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Pull tractor unit

Using the Printer
13. Slide the left edge guide to the center until it stops at the guide 
mark. Then slide the right edge guide to fit the size of paper 
you will use.
❏ To remove the paper guide from the cut-sheet feeder, press both 
release tabs and pull out the paper guide.
❏ Make sure the paper guide cover is open when you print.
You can easily switch between continuous paper and cut-sheet 
feeder operation. See “Switching back to single sheets” on page 
2-16 for details.
When you print several pages of continuous paper, fold the first printed 
page forward at the perforation after the perforation emerges from below 
the printer cover. This helps the printer feed the printed pages properly 
and prevents paper jams.
Pull tractor unit
An additional pull tractor (C80030✽ for LX-300+/ C80034✽ for 
LX-1170) is available as an option.
You can improve the performance of continuous paper handling 
by using two tractors at the same time. This is especially useful 
with continuous pre-printed forms and multipart forms.
Follow these steps to install and load paper on a standard and an 
additional pull tractor:
1. Make sure the paper-release lever is pulled forward to the 
continuous-paper position. Install the included tractor in the 
push-tractor position. 
2. Remove the paper tension unit by squeezing the tension unit’s 
lock tabs gently and pulling the tension unit away fom the