Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Printing on Single Sheets

Using the Printer
6. Tear off the printed pages.
When you resume printing, the printer automatically feeds the 
paper back to the top-of-form position and begins printing.
Printing on Single Sheets 
You can load single-sheet paper one sheet at a time using the 
paper guide of the printer. For specifications on the type of 
single-sheet paper you can use, see “Paper” on page A-8.
Before printing on single-sheet multipart forms, envelopes, or 
other special paper, be sure to the set the paper thickness lever to 
the appropriate position. See “Printing on Special Paper” on page 
2-28 for details.
❏ To load a stack of single-sheet paper, use the optional cut-sheet 
feeder. See “Installing and Using Options” on page 2-33.
❏ You can use the paper guide to load single-sheet carbonless 
multipart forms that are fastened at the top by line gluing.
❏ Insert multipart forms in the paper guide, bound edge first and 
printable side down.