Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Printing with the push tractor

Using the Printer
❏ Are you printing on labels, multipart forms, or other 
documents that require a precise print position? Use the 
tractor as a pull tractor. See “Printing with the pull tractor” 
on page 2-16 for instructions. 
For specifications on the type of continuous paper you can use, 
see “Paper” on page A-8.
Printing with the push tractor
When using the push tractor, it is a good idea to set the Auto tear 
off feature in the Default Setting mode to On. See “About Your 
Printer’s Default Settings” on page 2-3.
Follow these steps to load continuous paper using the push 
1. Make sure the printer is turned off. Remove the printer cover 
and the paper guide and place the paper-release lever in the 
continuous paper position.