Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Character table

Using the Printer
Character table
You can select from among 13 to 35 standard character tables, 
depending on the country of purchase. See “Character tables” on 
page A-7 for more information on the tables.
International character set for Italic table
You can select among several international character sets for the 
Italic character table. Each character set contains eight characters 
that vary depending on the country or language, so you can 
customize the Italic table to suit your printing needs.
Auto CR (carriage return)
This setting is available only in the IBM 2380 Plus (for 
LX-300+)/IBM 2381 Plus (for LX-1170) emulation mode. When 
auto carriage return is on, each line feed (LF) code or ESC J code 
is accompanied by a carriage return code. This moves the print 
position to the beginning of the next line.
Manual feed wait time
This sets the amount of wait time between the time paper is 
inserted into the paper guide and when it is fed. If the paper feeds 
before you can adjust its position to your satisfaction, you can 
increase the wait time.
Buzzer (beeper)
The printer beeps when an error occurs. (See “Using the Error 
Indicators” on page 4-2 for more information on printer errors.) 
If you do not want the printer to beep when an error occurs, turn 
this setting off.