Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Page length for tractor

Using the Printer
Page length for tractor
This setting allows you to set the page length (in inches) for 
continuous paper.
Skip over perforation
This feature is available only when continuous paper is selected. 
When you select On, the printer provides a one-inch (25.4 mm) 
margin between the last line printed on one page and the first line 
printed on the next page. Because the program margin settings in 
most applications override margin settings made from the control 
panel, you should use this setting only if you cannot set your top 
and bottom margins using your application.
Auto tear off
When auto tear off is on and you are using continuous paper with 
the push tractor, the printer automatically advances the paper 
perforation to the tear-off position, where you can easily tear off 
the printed pages. When the printer receives the next print job, it 
automatically moves the unused paper back to the top-of-form 
position and starts printing, so you can use all of the next page.
When auto tear off is off, you need to move the perforation to the 
tear-off position by pressing the control panel button. See “Using 
the Tear Off button” on page 2-25 for more information.
Auto line feed
When auto line feed is on, the printer accompanies each carriage 
return (CR) code received with a line feed code, and the print 
position moves to the next line. If the printer adds an extra line 
after every carriage return, select Off.