Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

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Internet URL
Access the EPSON Australia World Wide Web pages. Worth 
taking your modem here for the occasional surf! The site provides 
a download area for drivers, EPSON contact points, new product 
information and technical support (e-mail).
EPSON Faxback service
EPSON Faxback service will fax you the latest specifications for 
most EPSON products offered in Australia. Phone (02) 9903 9075 
and the system will guide you through a number of choices before 
faxing the information to your fax machine.
EPSON Helpdesk
EPSON Helpdesk is provided as a final backup to make sure our 
clients have access to advice. Operators on the Helpdesk can aid 
you in installing, configuring and operating your EPSON 
product. Our Pre-sales Helpdesk staff can provide literature on 
new EPSON products and advise where the nearest dealer or 
service agent is located. Many types of queries are answered here.
The Helpdesk numbers are:
We encourage you to have all the relevant information on hand 
when you ring. The more information you prepare, the faster we 
can help solve the problem. This information includes your 
EPSON product documentation, type of computer, operating 
system, application programs, and any information you feel is 
1300 361 054
(02) 9903 9189