Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Paper Handling

The print position is not what you expected
Paper Handling
Single sheets do not feed properly
Printing starts too high or too low on the page, or the bottom 
part of one page is printed at the top of the next page.
Your application software settings may be incorrect. Check the margin 
or top-of-form position setting in your application software.
Page length does not match the length of the paper.
The page length setting in your application may be incorrect. Check 
the page length set by your application software and adjust it if 
If you are using continuous paper, change the page length in the Printer 
Setting mode. See “Installing and Using Options” on page 2-33.
Regular gaps occur in the printout.
One-inch skip-over-perforation may be set. Set skip-over-perforation 
to off in the Default Setting mode. See “Installing and Using Options” 
on page 2-33.
Paper does not feed.
Continuous paper may be left in the printer. Remove the continuous 
paper. Set the paper-release lever to the single-sheet position. Insert a 
new sheet.
Move the paper a little to the left.