Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Dots are missing in printed characters or graphics, Printed characters are not what you expected

Dots are missing in printed characters or 
Printed characters are not what you expected
A line of dots is missing in the printout.
The print head is damaged. Stop printing and contact your dealer to 
have the print head replaced.
Dots are missing in random positions.
Either there is too much slack in the ribbon or the ribbon has come 
loose. Reinstall the ribbon cartridge as described in “Installing or 
replacing the ribbon cartridge” on page 1-9.
The typestyles or characters you sent with your software did 
not print.
The software may not be properly configured. Check that the software 
is correctly configured for your printer. For instructions, see Chapter 
3, “Using the Printer Software.”
The font selected on the control panel does not print.
Your software may be overriding your control panel setting. Check the 
font setting in your application software.