Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

The print is faint or uneven

The print is faint or uneven
The printer makes a strange noise, the beeper sounds five 
times, and the printer stops abruptly.
The paper or ribbon may be jammed. Turn off the printer and check 
for a paper jam, a ribbon jam or other problems.
The printer may have overheated. Let the printer cool. Then try to print 
again. If the printer still does not print correctly contact your dealer.
The beeper sounds five times and the PAUSE light comes on.
An error has occurred. Turn off the printer and turn it on again. If the 
PAUSE light stays on, check for a paper jam or ribbon jam. If there is 
no jam, contact your dealer or a qualified service person. (If an error 
occurs when you switch between single sheets and continuous paper, 
make sure the paper-release lever is in the correct position.)
Printed characters have parts missing at the bottom.
The ribbon cartridge may not be installed properly. See “Installing or 
replacing the ribbon cartridge” on page 1-9.
The printout is faint.
The ribbon may be worn out. Replace the ribbon cartridge as described 
under “Installing or replacing the ribbon cartridge” on page 1-9.