Epson LX-1170, LX-300+ User Guide

Using the EPSON Remote Utility LX 300 only

Using the Printer Software
Using the EPSON Remote! Utility 
(LX-300+ only)
The EPSON Remote! utility allows you to easily change the 
printer’s default settings from your computer’s DOS prompt.
Installing EPSON Remote!
Follow these steps to install the EPSON Remote! utility:
1. Insert the printer software CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
2. At the DOS prompt, type D:\SETUP. (If you inserted the disk 
into a drive other than drive “D,” substitute “D” with the 
appropriate letter.) Then press Enter.
3. Select your printer’s name in the Printer Model window and 
then press Enter. C:\EPUTIL appears as the default directory.
4. Press Enter again. The EPSON Remote! utility is copied to the 
C:\EPUTIL directory.
Accessing EPSON Remote!
To access the EPSON Remote! utility, type C:\PRNSET at the DOS 
prompt and press Enter. Then follow the on-screen instructions 
to use this utility. You can also access the EPSON Remote! utility 
by typing C:\PANEL at the DOS prompt and then pressing Enter. 
The PRNSET and PANEL access methods differ slightly. The 
PANEL method opens a condensed version of EPSON Remote! 
that only provides the most often used settings.