Epson LQ-1500 User Manual

Appendix F, Specifications, of the Epson LQ 1500

Appendix F
of the Epson LQ-1500
Printing Method
Printing Speed
Impact dot matrix, with 24-pin print head
Draft 200 characters per second
Letter Quality 67 characters per second
Character sets
96 regular, 96 italic, 32 international char-
acters in each of; letter quality, propor-
tional letter quality and draft styles.
Character matrix
Proportional 37 x 17
Letter quality 15 x 17
Draft 9 x 17
Column width
Pica: 136 columns
Pica expanded: 68 columns
Pica compressed: 233 columns
Pica compressed-expanded: 116 columns
Elite: 163
Elite expanded: 81
Elite compressed: 272
Elite compressed-expanded: 136 columns
Line spacing
l/6-inch, l/&inch or programmable