Epson LQ-1500 User Manual


Congratulations! You’ve purchased the Epson LQ-1500
. This
advanced, state-of-the-art printer combines the quality of typewriter
print with the speed of a dot matrix printer. Of course, it has all the
capabilities of the other Epson printers-and more too.
LQ-1500 Features
The LQ-1500 is designed to be used day in and day out in an office
environment. Its size and rugged good looks proclaim this fact. Its
Epson engineering guarantees it.
The LQ-1500 has a long list of features. Just a few of the highlights
Letter quality printing. The LQ-1500’s 24-pin print head can print
letter quality characters in four widths.
Proportional letter quality printing. The LQ-1500 can print in two
widths of proportional letter quality characters.
Draft speed. The LQ-1500 can print at 200 characters per second
using the draft character set.
Two hundred and twenty-four printing styles. The LQ-1500 can
print in 224 different printing styles, not counting superscripts and
Upward compatibility. The LQ-1500 includes all of the major fea-
tures of the FX series of printers.
Userdefined characters. The LQ-1500 allows you to design your
own character sets, in either draft or letter quality mode.