Epson LQ-1500 User Manual

Appendix B, Changing Printing Style

Appendix B
Changing Printing Style
The LQ-1500 can produce 
different styles of printing. 
there are many commands to select these different styles of printing,
there is one command that lets you choose at will between 
them. This command is called Master Select. The Master Select com-
mand consists of <ESC> “!” followed by a single ASCII code. The
value of the ASCII code determines the printing style that is selected.
A typical Master Select command might look like this:
(ESC) "!" 66
This command would select italic proportional print. In BASIC the
same command would look like this:
LPRINT CHR$(27) "!" CHR$( 
On the following four pages are charts showing each of the printing
styles that the LQ-1500 can produce. Following each example is the
ASCII code (decimal) 
will select a particular print style.
The first of 
four charts 
the proportional print styles.
These styles are available in both the Letter Quality and Draft sets.
The second chart shows the printing styles 
are available in the
Letter Quality set. The third and fourth charts show the printing styles
that are available in the Draft set.
The letters, MISwiy were chosen to represent typical wide,
medium, narrow, and descending characters. The letters are repre-
sented in 
print styles: regular, emphasized, double-strike, and
emphasized and double-strike.