Epson LQ-1500 User Manual

Proper placement of pin feed paper

Figure 3-8. Pin-feeder covers
Proper placement of pin-feed paper
When using the LQ-1500 with pin-feed paper, we recommend that
you arrange your stack of paper in one of two ways.
First, if you use a stack of paper and 
to place it behind the
printer, make sure 
it is not higher than the surface of the sheet
guide unit. Placing the paper behind the printer makes it difficult for
the printed paper to be collected without interfering with the printer
operation. You have to 
the paper more closely.
Second, if you have room to place the paper on the floor, you
should arrange it as shown in Figure 3-9. It’s best to leave the paper
in the box. We recommend this type of paper placement if at all
Be sure that 
paper is free to unfold in an accordian fashion with
no obstructions that would hinder the movement of paper through the
printer. You’re now ready to print with continuous-feed paper!