Epson LQ-1500 User Manual

Other maintenance

You should also clean the inside front portion of the printer (Figure
2-2) to get rid of dust and paper lint. To do this, turn the power switch
off and disconnect the power cord. Remove the dust cover, the front
cover, and the ribbon cartridge. Use a small vaccum cleaner and a soft
brush to clean inside the printer. Be careful not to bend or damage any
of the parts inside the printer. With the power off, you can easily move
the print head back and forth to clean under it. Use as light a touch as
possible to get the job done.
Figure 2-2. Maintenance
Other maintenance
Changing the ribbon cartridge and cleaning 
printer are the only
maintenance tasks that you should do. There are no user-serviceable
parts inside the LQ-1500. Leave any other types of maintenance
(fuses, print heads, etc.) for your Epson dealer or authorized service
center. The LQ-1500’s print head is not user-replaceable because it
must be carefully aligned with special tools to achieve the best printing