Epson LQ-1500 User Manual


LF button -- stands for line feed. When you’re off line, tapping  this    
button advances the paper one line at a time. To advance multiple
lines, hold down the LF button. Do not perform continuous line
feeds for more than two minutes.
SHEET LOAD button -- opens the paper bail and loads single-
sheet paper into the printer.
The paper-out detector
The printer is equipped with a device which warns you that the
printer is out of paper. When your paper runs out, printing stops, the
PAPER OUT light goes on, and the printer buzzer sounds five times.
When you have loaded more paper, the PAPER OUT light goes off.
Printing can be resumed in one of two ways. If you are in the middle
of printing, press the ON LINE button. If you want to reinitialize the
printer, turn the power switch OFF and then back ON.
You can turn off the paper-out detector in two ways: by DIP switch
1-2 on the interface card, or by a control code sent from the computer.
Turning off the paper-out detector tells the printer to ignore the paper-
out sensor and allows you to print to the bottom of the page. Some
computers will stop the printer before the end of the page, even
though DIP switch 1-2 is down (off). If this happens, you may need to
consult your dealer about the interface between your computer and
printer. You may also consult your software dealer for further infor-
As with any mechanical device, the best maintenance of your
LQ-1500 is preventive maintenance. You’ve already started by choos-
ing a clean, dust-free location with a comfortable temperature range.
Of course, you will change your ribbon cartridge whenever it loses
quality through use.
In addition, your printer requires periodic cleaning. Here are a few
tips on how to perform this maintenance properly.
Cleaning the 
You should clean the outside of the printer case whenever it appears
to be dirty. Use a clean damp rag and alcohol. Be careful not to drip
alcohol on the printer mechanism.