Epson LQ-1500 User Manual

Discovering what s inside

Figure 1-5. Removing the front cover
Discovering what’s inside
Now that you can see the insides of the printer, take a few moments
to find some of the parts that you need to know about. Study Figure
until you can identify these parts:
The print head is probably the easiest part to locate, so start with it.
The print head is the large, black, finned object that moves back and
forth on two silver rods across the printer.
The ribbon guide is the silver shield on the side of the print head
next to the paper. The ribbon guide guides the ribbon between the
print head and the paper.
The paper is guided through the printer by a large rubber roller
called the platen. It has the same function as the platen in a typewriter.
The paper bail is the numbered scale with three black rollers on it.
The paper bail rests against the platen and holds the paper in place as it
moves through the printer.