Epson LQ-1500 User Manual

Chapter, Setting Up Your LQ 1500

Setting Up Your LQ-1500
You’ve just purchased a terrific new printer, and dug far enough into
the box to find this manual. Now what? In this chapter we’ll show you
how to set up your 
and connect it to your computer.
First, take inventory. Carefully unpack the carton and make sure
that you have all of the pieces shown in Figure 
LQ-1500 printer
Sheet guide (three pieces)
Dust cover
Front cover (installed on the printer)
Paper feed knob
Power cord
Ribbon cartridge
This User’s Manual.
Note: It’s a good idea to save all of the packing materials in case you
want to move your LQ-1500 some day.
Finding a Suitable Location
Before you actually set up your printer, you should give some
thought to where you are going to put it. Of course, your printer must
sit somewhere near your computer (the length of the printer cable is
the limiting factor). However, you may not want to place your com-
puter and printer side by side because the printer does make noise