Epson ActionPrinter L-1000 User Manual

Continuous paper does not feed properly

Problems and Solutions
Continuous paper does not feed properly
The position of the paper release lever may be wrong. Pull it
forward to the continuous paper position.
The paper may not be mounted on the sprockets correctly. See
that the sprocket holes of the paper fit correctly over the
The paper guide may not be installed properly. See the section
on continuous paper in Chapter 
The paper supply may be stacked too far from the printer or
not aligned with the tractor. Also, there may be some obstacle
in the way of the paper or something on top of the paper
supply. See Chapter 2 for instructions on the proper placement
of the paper supply.
The printout is not what you expect
The wrong international character set may be selected. See the
section on international character sets in Chapter 
The wrong character table (italics or Epson Extended Graphics)
may be selected. See the section on character tables in Chapter 
The font, pitch, or size may not be selected properly. See that
your software is correctly set up for your printer.
Your application program may be changing the SelecType
settings. Use the program’s setup (or installation) procedure to
remove the 
that interfere with your SelecType settings.
Another solution is to use the printer control codes for your
application program instead of SelecType to control your
printing. The manual for your program can tell you how to
change the printing style.
Troubleshooting and Maintenance