Epson ActionPrinter L-1000 User Manual

The printout is spaced incorrectly, The printout is faint or uneven, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Problems and Solutions
The printout is spaced incorrectly
Text is printed all on one line, or the printer is inserting extra blank
lines between lines of text.
If all the text is printed on 
same line, no line feed signal is
being sent at the end of each line of text. Turn DIP switch 2-4
If the printer is inserting extra blank lines between lines of text,
extra line feed signals are being sent. Turn DIP switch 2-4 off.
printer inserts extra blank lines even after turning DIP
switch 2-4 off, you may need a different cable which disables
the AUTO FEED XT signal of your interface.
The printout is faint or uneven
The ribbon may not be properly installed. See the section on
ribbon installation in Chapter 1.
The ribbon may be worn out. See the section on replacing the
ribbon later in this chapter.
The paper thickness lever may be in the wrong position. See the
section on the paper thickness lever in Chapter 2.
The print head may be worn out. This is especially likely if
parts of printed characters are missing. Contact an Authorized
Epson Dealer to have the head replaced. Never attempt to
replace the head yourself because other parts of the printer
should be checked at the same time.
Troubleshooting and Maintenance