Epson ActionPrinter L-1000 User Manual

Using multi part forms, 2 22, Paper Handling

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5. Attach the tractor cover or printer cover.
Using multi-part forms
With the pull tractor unit installed, your printer can print on
continuous multi-part forms. You can use multi-part forms up to
three sheets thick including the original. Be sure you set the paper
thickness lever to the proper position using the table on the
previous page.
Do not use multi-part forms with the single-
sheet feeding system.
Except for the paper thickness lever setting, you load multi-part
paper the same way as continuous paper. For details, see the section
on loading continuous paper in this chapter. Pay special attention to
setting the top of form position.
When printing multi-part forms, be sure the
printing does not exceed the printable range of your
Paper Handling