Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

Appendix A

Appendix A
Command Summary
This appendix lists and describes all the commands, both Epson
(ESC/P) mode and IBM printer emulation mode, available on the EX.
This summary is in two parts. The first part lists each command in
numerical order and gives the page number where it is fully described
in the second part of this appendix.
If you know which command you are looking for, consult the
numerical list to find the page number where it is described. The Quick
Reference Card at the end of the book also contains a list of the
commands divided by topic, with page number references that direct
you to full explanations of the commands. The numerical list and the
Quick Reference Card also show the differences between the Epson
mode and the IBM printer emulation mode.
The second part of this appendix lists and describes Epson mode
commands and IBM printer emulation mode commands separately and
the commands are divided into the following 
Printer Operation
Data Control
Vertical Motion
Horizontal Motion
Overall Printing Style
Print Size
Print Enhancement
Word Processing
Character Sets
User-defined Characters
Each command has a format section and a comment section. The
format section gives the ASCII, decimal, and hexadecimal values for the
command; the comment section describes the effect of the command
and gives any additional information necessary for using it.
All three formats are equivalent, and it should be easy to pick the one
most suited to your purpose.
Command Summary
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