Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

whenever required making single sheets as easy and convenient to use

whenever required, making single sheets as easy and convenient to use
as continuous paper. The automatic sheet feeder has its own user’s
Reloading during printing
When you print a document more than one page long using single
sheets of paper, there are two different ways your software can allow
you to load a new sheet at the end of a page.
If your software sends characters in a continuous stream, the printer
stops printing when it reaches the bottom of the paper and sounds
the beeper. When this happens, the 
ON LINE light goes off
If your software handles printing page by page, it probably stops
sending characters at the end of a page and prompts you to insert
more paper. In this case the 
ON LINE light probably remains on, and
the first thing you should do is press the 
ON LINE button once to turn
it off.
Once the ON 
LINE light is off, remove the sheet that has just been
printed and load a new sheet in the same way as before.
Loading Continuous-feed Paper
The new push-feed tractor built into the EX has several major
advantages over other types. It combines the ability to handle a wide
range of paper widths with an extremely low profile, and it is easy to
The push-feed tractor must be loaded in a slightly different way than
the pin-feed system on Epson FX printers and the usual pull-through
tractors. If you are used to using other systems, follow these instructions
Begin by seeing that the printer is turned off. If you have been using
the printer with single sheets, remove the paper guide. You will install it
in a different way
Choosing and Loading Paper