Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Choosing and Loading Paper
The EX printer can accommodate many different sizes and types of
paper, using either its automatic singlesheet loading feature or its built-
in adjustable tractor.
The tractor is easy to use and can handle a wide range of paper
widths. The automatic singlesheet loading feature handles individual
sheets quickly and easily, and for greater efficiency you can add an
optional automatic sheet feeder.
Choosing Paper
Without installing any accessories, you can use single-sheet paper
from 7¼ to 8½ inches wide and continuous paper from 4 to 10 inches
wide (including the perforated edge strips).
You can also add an optional roll paper holder, which uses paper 8½
inches wide. You load roll paper the same way you load single sheets,
except that you do not use the paper guide.
Carbon copies
If you use multi-part forms or carbon copies in the EX, use no more
than three sheets or parts at a time, with a total thickness of no more
than 0.16 mm. Also change the paper thickness setting as described at
the end of this chapter.
Loading Single Sheets
You have already loaded singlesheet paper using the automatic sheet
loading feature in Step 7 of the setup chapter This feature gives you
short printing times by combining fast loading with fast printing.
If you print large amounts on single sheets of paper, however, you
may find it more convenient to use an automatic sheet feeder. This is
an optional device that holds a stack of paper and inserts a new sheet
Choosing and Loading Paper
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