Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

All interface conditions are based on TTL level. Both the rise and the
fall times of each signal must be less than 0.2 microseconds.
Data transfer must be carried out by observing the ACKNLG or
BUSY signal. (Data transfer to this printer can be carried out only
after receipt of the ACKNLG signal or when the level of the BUSY
signal is LOW)
Data Transfer Sequence
Interface timing
Figure G-1 shows the timing for the parallel interface.
Printing enabled/disabled signals and control conditions
Table G-2 on the next page shows the relationship between printing
being enabled or disabled, and the on-line/off-line condition, the printer
select signal (SLCT IN), and the receipt of data on/off control character,
DC1 /DC3.
  G - 6
Technical Specifications