Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

Appendix G

Appendix G
Technical Specifications
This appendix contains the specifications for the EX-800 and the
EX-1000, including the built-in parallel interface. For the specifications
for the built-in serial interface, see Appendix C.
Printing method
Impact dot matrix
Printing speed
300 characters per second in draft elite,
250 characters per second in draft pica,
and 50 characters per second in Near Letter Quality pica
Paper feed speed
Approximately 81 ms/line at 1/6-inch line spacing
Printing direction
Bidirectional logic-seeking for both text and graphic printing.
Unidirectional available by software command.
Character sizes
All except superscript and subscript are 3.1 mm high; superscript and
subscript characters are 1.4 mm high in draft and 2.1 in NLQ Roman.
The widths and characters per inch (CPI) are given below:
Width (mm) CPI
Condensed Pica
1.05 17
Condensed Elite
1.05 20
Line spacing
l&inch, or programmable in increments of 1/216th of an inch.
Technical Specifications
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