Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

Installing an Interface

Installing an Interface
Before installing an interface, you must remove the printer’s cover,
Do not remove the cover unless the printer is turned OFF because high
voltages are present inside the printer when the power is on. Also do
not touch contacts on the circuit board of the printer because many of
the components can be destroyed by the static electricity charge that
may build up on your body
1. Turn off the power to both the printer and the computer and unplug
the power cable and disconnect the interface cable from the printer.
2. Remove the dust cover and paper guide.
3. Remove the automatic sheet feeder if one is installed.
4. Remove the ribbon and move the print head to the middle of the
5. Remove the screws holding the upper casing of the printer (shown
in Figure F-l), using a cross-head type screwdriver.
  F - 4
Choosing and Setting Up Optional Interfaces