Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

patchy If this happens suddenly or long before the expected lifetime is
over, the problem is almost certainly connected with another
component of the printer.
As soon as the print head fails, stop using the printer and contact
your Epson deafer for a replacement head. Do not attempt to replace
the head yourself because the printer should also be tested to make
sure that no other parts are damaged.
Transporting the Printer
There are several precautions you should take when packing the
printer for transportation:
Remove the ribbon.
Move the print head to the left and replace the print head protector
Remove the paper rest and paper guide and pack them separately
Fix the dust cover in place with tape.
Remove the paper feed knob.
Pack the printer in the original foam packing supports and box.
If the color option kit is installed, remove it, using the instructions in
its user’s guide.
Problem Solving and Maintenance