Epson EX-1000, EX-800 User Manual

In this way you can quickly determine that prior to printing the word

In this way you can quickly determine that prior to printing, the word
processor sent seven commands to set up the printer followed by a BEL
character to sound the beeper.
If you find code-s in your data dump that you did not enter in your
program or codes you did not expect your application program to send,
your computer may be changing the codes before sending them to the
printer. If so, you need to adjust the program.
Data dump mode can be turned off by turning off the printer; it is
also cancelled by an INIT signal from the computer.
Solutions for IBM and Compatibles
If you suspect that your computer or software is causing a problem,
consult your user’s manuals for those products. Some problems may
arise when using operating system commands or writing your own
programs in the computer’s resident language. Some general advice for
IBM PC and compatible users is offered in this section.
IBM PC BASIC Solutions
IBM PC BASIC inserts a carriage return and line feed (CR-LF) after
each SO characters you send it. It also adds a line feed to each carriage
return included explicitly in an LPRINT statement. Use the BASIC
statement WIDTH LPRINT 255 to remove this problem. The 255 is a
special number that prevents the computer system from inserting a CR-
LF into the line unless there is one in your program.
Problem Solving and Maintenance
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