Epson EMP-7850 Operating Manual

Sending a Scenario

Creating and Sending a Scenario
EasyMP Operation Guide
Sending a Scenario
To project a created scenario using the projector, it is necessary to send the 
scenario to the memory card using "Send Scenario" in EMP SlideMaker2. 
Designate a memory card inserted into the card drive of the computer as 
the send destination. 
It is also possible to set automatic projection and continuous projection of 
a scenario at projector startup. The automatic projection function is called 
It is possible to add the desired files and slides to the Scenarios 
window using drag and drop.
See Help for the functions of each of the menus in EMP SlideMaker2.
Use "Save" or "Save As" to save your scenario when you are still working 
on it. However if you save the scenario to a memory card you will not be 
able to play it back with EasyMP CardPlayer. Use "Send Scenario" when 
saving to a memory card.
When "Send Scenario" is performed, the scenario file is saved in the 
memory card under the name "scenario name.sit". In addition, a folder 
with the same name as the scenario is created and each screen is converted 
to graphics files and saved according to the image quality settings. 
If you use "Send Scenario" without saving, a folder with the same name as 
the scenario name and a "scenario name.sit" file are created in the 
scenario folder. Each screen is converted to graphics files and saved in the 
created folder according to the image quality settings.