Epson EMP-7850 Operating Manual

Setting Monitoring and Controlling from a Computer

EasyMP Operation Guide
Setting, Monitoring and Controlling from a Computer
When a computer and the projector are connected via a network, the following 
projector setting changes and administration are possible from the computer. 
• Setting network functions and controlling the projector using a Web 
browser. (EasyWeb)
• Monitoring and controlling the projector using EMP Monitor. (During 
access point mode or Wired LAN connection mode connection).
• Obtaining projector status and network settings, controlling the 
projector, and messaging errors using 
 and the SNMP 
manager program (During access point mode or Wired LAN 
connection mode connection).
Here we will explain the above three methods.
Changing Settings Using a Web Browser (EasyWeb)
You can setup and control the projector using the Web browser of a 
computer that is connected to the projector via a network. Setup and 
control operations can be performed remotely if this function is used. 
Use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later as the Web browser. 
Displaying EasyWeb
Display EasyWeb by either of the following procedures.
Using the Network Screen Tools
Connects a computer to the projector via a network. 
"Connecting Using Easy Connect Mode " and 
"Connecting in Access Point Mode or Wired LAN 
Connect Mode" in the EasyMP Setup Guide
Setup and control are possible using a Web browser if "Standby Mode" is set 
to"Network ON" in the "Advanced1" menu of the projector's configuration 
menu, even if the projector is in standby mode (when the power is off).
If the Web browser you are using is set up to connect via a proxy server, the 
EasyWeb cannot be displayed. Please set the browser so it does not use a 
proxy server, if you wish to view this page.