Epson EMP-5500 User Manual

Problems with the Image or Sound

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Problems with the Image or Sound
u An image does not appear on the screen.
Check that the power light is on and the lens cover is off. 
Also make sure the cables are installed correctly, as 
described in Chapter 1.
The correct image source may not be selected. Press the 
Source button on the remote control or the control panel 
to choose another image source. 
u Only part of the computer image is displayed.
If the computer’s output resolution setting is higher than 
1024 x 768, the projector resizes the image. If the 
computer output is not compatible with this resizing, 
choose a different display setting on the computer. In 
Windows 3.x, use Windows Setup in the Main program 
group. For a Macintosh, choose Control Panels under the 
Apple menu and then choose Monitors. In the Monitors 
screen, choose Options and make sure Macintosh Hi-Res 
Display or another 1024 x 768 display is selected. For 
supported display settings, see page “Supported Monitor 
Displays” on page 65
You also may need to modify existing presentation files if 
you created them for a different resolution. See your 
software manual for specific information.
u The message NO SIGNAL is displayed.
An image source not connected to the projector is selected, 
the signal is not being output from the computer, or the 
signal is not reaching the projector. Make sure the 
connectors are securely attached to both the projector and 
the image source. Then check that the image source is 
selected correctly. When NO SIGNAL is displayed, you 
cannot access the source (computer/video) menu.