Epson EMP-5500 User Manual

Turning the Equipment On and Off

Turning the Equipment On and Off
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Turning the Equipment On and Off
Always turn on the projector and its attached equipment in 
the following order.
1. Projector
2. Computer
3. Video source
4. Audio source
Turning the Projector On and Off
1. Connect the power cord to the projector.
2. Insert the power plug into a wall outlet.
3. Remove the projector lens cap.
4. Turn on the power switch on the back of the projector. 
5. Press the power button on the remote control or control 
panel. The green operation indicator starts flashing for 30 
seconds, and when the green flashing stops, the projecting 
image gets full illumination.
Never look into the lens when the lamp is on. This can 
damage your eyes. It is especially important that children are 
not allowed to look into the lens.