Epson EMP-5500 User Manual

Connecting to a Computer

Connecting to a Computer
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When replacing batteries, take the following precautions:
• Do not recharge used batteries or expose batteries to fire or 
• Replace batteries as soon as they run out. If the batteries 
leak, wipe away the fluid with a soft cloth. If battery fluid 
gets onto your hands wash them immediately.
• Remove the batteries if you will not be using the projector 
for a long period.
Connecting to a Computer
You can connect the projector to a computer capable of XGA, 
VGA, and SVGA output. Resizing is supported for VGA, 
XGA output. Below a list may be found of the types of 
computers supported by this projector.
• IBM desktop PC or compatible
• IBM laptop or compatible
• Apple Macintosh desktop computer, including Macintosh 
Quadra®, Macintosh Centris®, and Power Macintosh
• Any Apple PowerBook with video-out capability, including 
all 160, 165, 180 and 500 series PowerBooks
See the section that applies to your computer.